Die Casting

Aluminum die casting part

China supplier high precision aluminum die casting part

Die Casting Shell Housing

OEMHighPrecisionAluminumDieCasting  ProductDescription AluminumShellHousingEstimatedPartWeight 1.112kgCapabilitiesApplied/Processes AluminumCasting,DrillPressingandCNCMillingEquipmentUsedtoManufacturePart  CNCLatheandHandDrillPressOverallPartDimensions 52.5mm*138mm*138mmTightestTolerances ±0.01mmMaterialUsed AluminumAlloyMaterialFinish ShotBlasting Inprocesstesting/inspectionperformed CMMInspection DeliveryLocation USA DieCastingServicesBeingasupplierofprecisionaluminumandzincdiecastparts,requiresourfacilitytoprovideahighqualitycasting,ontime-everytime! Ourcapabilitiesinclude: DieCastingMachiningMoldDesign&DieMaintenanceEngineering&QualityControl

Aluminum Die Casting

As a full-service aluminium die casting parts manufacturer in China,we are specialized in automated casting and equipment designing, such as aluminium parts and components, etc. Therefore,a variety of alumimium alloy casting can be provided by us to satisfy customs demanding.

Aluminum die casting

OEMCustomAluminumDieCastingPartforEnginePart Productsdescription  1.Certificate:ISO9001:2008;2.OEM&ODMproductsrange:Autoparts,Engineparts,Agricultureequipmentparts,Lightingparts,Trainparts,etc.3.Diecastingequipmentcapability:180T/280T/400T/600T/800T/1000T;4.Productweight:From0.05~10kg;5.Machiningequipment:CNC,Lathemachine,Millingmachine,Drillingmachine,andsoon;6.Testequipment:OpticalSpectrumAnalyzer,CMM,Hardnesstestequipment,Tensiletestmachine;7.Surfacetreatment:Powdercoating,Anodization,Chromeplating,Painting,Sandblasting.

Aluminum Casting Part

Powder Coating, Spray Paiting, Polishing, Zinc plating, Chrome Plating etc.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum casting is one of our main products, the product variety includes pump parts, machinery parts, construction hardware and so on. We have sold our Aluminum casting in the whole world since 2000 years.

High precision aluminum die casting

China supplier high precision aluminum die casting part

Vehicle Crankcase Housing

Being a supplier of precision aluminum and zinc die cast parts, requires our facility to provide a high quality casting, on time - every time!

Electric Motor Housing

Lktech DCC500 500T die casting machine, Xingyang Shot blasting machine, Hundai-kia CNC Machine and Hand Drill Pres

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