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Custom - made resin manhole cover


With more than 10 years’ experience in custom precision machining services, we are committed to provide high quality products with competitive prices.

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Mingda offers precision turning services from the latest CNC turning machines .
With more than 10 years’ experience in custom precision machining services, we are committed to provide high quality products with competitive prices.
We can provide CNC precision machining parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, surface grinding, CNC engraving etc.
Parts can be produced from 1mm to 300mm in aluminum, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic (nylon, PMMA, teflon etc.).
And we can also do the secondary processing and sub-assembly work for you when CNC prototyping or production is completed.
More than 10 years’ experience of designing and producing all kinds of precision machining parts.
CNC Precision Machining Metal parts for customers overseas and domestically.
Specialized in manufacturing products and components with tight tolerances and complicated shapes.
OEM Ductile iron sand castings, lost foam casting, Vacum Moulding and so on,the moulding craft will be slected according to the actual tolerance request and demand quantity. Most of Our produced castings are used for valves, hydrants, pumps,trucks,railway and train and so on.
product presentation
1. Strong anti-theft performance: resin composite material manhole cover using unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other material and reinforced skeleton compounded by the special production process, after high temperature and press for a forming, material recycling value, it is very difficult to remove the steel bar (take out the value of steel costs more than steel) so it is of active anti-theft function.
2. Large bearing capacity: the bottom of the special pot bottom structure, so that the stressed area increased ten times or even dozens of times.The continuous reinforcement fiber is used to ensure the fiber fiber and glass fiber cloth are integrated in the material, so that the product has sufficient carrying capacity.And meet or exceed national standards.
3. Long service life, through the adoption of high performance resin, glass fiber and special formula, production process to ensure that the penetration of resins in glass fiber, greatly enhanced the stick relay, make the material under cyclic loading, do not produce internal damage, so as to ensure the service life of the product, and other resin composite manhole cover with the same advantages.Put an end to the drawbacks of poor adhesion.
4. Beautiful and practical, high grade: According to the needs of high-end customers, we can make a complex LOGO and a variety of colors on the same manhole cover surface of personalized design, so that the pattern is delicate, bright colors, distinct.And can be made according to customer demand and all kinds of stone pavement the same imitation stone surface and color.
5. High/low temperature resistance, good insulation and strong corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance, non-toxic and harmless.No metal additives, played a real sense of insulation effect.It can be used in complex, changeable, harsh and demanding places.The products have been tested by the relevant national authoritative testing institutions, with obvious acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other indicators have reached and exceeded the national standards.
6. Environmental protection, anti-skid, low noise: the product will not slip, no harsh noise and reverse phenomenon after the vehicle is run over.At the same time, due to the light weight of the product, cover, seat buckle precision, overcome other inspection cover "jump, stilt, sound, displacement" and other problems.
product feature
The resin composite manhole cover is made of polymer composite material and has no recovery value.After the resin manhole cover is popularized, the problem of urban black hole caused by stealing manhole cover will be solved.Different from the manhole cover on the market, it is pressed out with a hydraulic press, the impact strength is greater.
The resin composite manhole cover is made of glass fiber and resin as the basic material, curing agent, accelerator and other auxiliary materials.It weighs two thirds less than cast iron manhole covers and has a service life of more than 20 years, twice as much as cast iron manhole covers, while the price is only 80% of cast iron manhole covers.At the same time, this kind of manhole cover also has insulation, noiseless characteristic.Chifeng product quality Supervision and Inspection Institute carried out load and impact strength test on this manhole cover, and found that the load force of this manhole cover is 24 tons, and the impact strength is also higher than the ordinary manhole cover.
company introduction
Hebei Mingda International Trading Company is a trading company which is specialized in castings,forgings and machinery parts.
Our products include all kinds of raw castings to be made of ductile iron , grey iron , brass , stainlesssteel and aluminums,
machined castings and forged parts . To make these parts according to thecustomers' drawings ,
we have relative suitable production craft and equipments, such as resin sand ,sand mould , hot core boxes , lost-wax , lost foam and so on .
Specially for hydrant bodies and valves' bodies, we have collected rich experience for these products inthe past 16 year's actual production,
Now we are proud of our products with good surface and highquality material. Whatever,we have been trying our best to provide our customers with better quality
castings by improving production crafts and more careful quality control.
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