Grooved Fitting Reducing Coupling

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Grooved Fitting Reducing Coupling


Product Name: Reducing coupling for connecting fire protection pipe

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Product Description
1.Product Name: Reducing coupling for connecting fire protection pipe

2.Material: Ductile iron

3.Dimension : 50*32mm(2*1¼) - 200*150mm (8*6 inch) or as your request

4.Surface Treatment : finish : epoxy , painted and galvanized
color : red , orange , blue or according to your requirements

5.Advange : Easy to assemble and disassembel, easy to operate

1) Automatic sprinkler system for fire protection on commercial, civil and municipal constructions like water supplng
2) Industrial pipeline system on shipping, mine, oil field, textile, powder plant, etc.
3) Pipeline system on subway station, railway station, airport, seaport, bridge, etc.





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