En124 D400 Manhole Cover

What is

En124 D400 Manhole Cover


size: 300x300, 400x400 more; standard: EN124 A15,B125,C250,D400

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type: Square, Round,Triangle

size: 300x300, 400x400 more

standard: EN124 A15,B125,C250,D400

Coating: 1)black bitumen paint

2)without coating

3)epoxy coating

4)As per customer's requirment

Feature:Anti-theft,Anti-rust,long life service,etc.




Bearing Class / Loading Capacity of Cast Iron Manhole Covers


Class Apply to Bearing Remarks
EN124-A15 Areas where only passed by Pedestrians and Bicycles. 15KN  
EN124-B125 Footways, parking lot or similar areas. 125KN HOT-SELLING
EN124-C250 The edge combinative area of vehicle road and the pavement. 250KN  
EN124-D400 Vehicle area and urban arterial road. 400KN HOT-SELLING
EN124-E600 Shipping port and parking apron area. 600KN  
EN124-F900 Airplane taxiway and huge dock. 900KN





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